March 26 What Is Something You Wish You Knew Earlier In PoE? Sidst udgivet den 26-03-2018

Path of Exile, I believe this game reaches out to players' favorite. So today I want to discuss an interesting topic, which is when you are a new player in this game, what is something you wish you knew earlier? Let's take a look at some of the players' ideas:
Path of Exile
1. Mapping is the basics. Get to 75% in your restistances asap. If you can't get close to 75% then simply go to and buy some cheap rares that will help you get to 75%.
2. Make sure you have potions against freeze and bleeding. This can't be stressed enough. It is very simple to make one. Simply find a healing potion, quicksilver flask or whatever you want and use a orb of transmutation on it and keep rerolling it with orb of alteration until you have a potion against freezing and one against bleeding.
3. Fusings are the items needed for linking sockets(where you place gems in items) together. If you want a 6 linked item at one point it's best if you start saving up for it. I believe that the average attemps needing for linking 6 sockets are roughly 1.000 fusings. 
4. When you use a quality increase item on a rare base (yellow), the quality increases by 1%. A magic base, and it increases by 2%. When you use one on a white base, it's 5%. So he was using 20 chisels to get a map to 20% quality, instead of 4.
5. You can sell an orb of transmutation to a vendor for 4 wisdom scrolls. You can also buy portal scrolls for 4 wisdom scrolls if needed. This isn't useful at the beginning of a league but really helps when mapping since you never need to loot wisdom scrolls.
6. If you sell an Item that has a a connected Red, Blue and Green Socket you will get a Chromatic Orb. Not useful for lategame as it clutters your inventory, but definitely useful during leveling to get some Chromatics on the side.
7. The chromatic recipe was the first thing we learned back in beta with all my friends when we joined the game, we would go over all NPCs in every town every time we leveled-up and every new day because it was such an easy way to get chroms and they were really needed ; Also sometimes you would get some 6S out of it and even once a 6L armor.
8. I wish I knew resistences were a thing lol, when I got into T3 maps I think I started dying alot so I checked my res it was something like: Fire:-8%, Cold: 24%, Lightning: 49%.
There's a lot more players guide on our website, so be sure to check out if you need some guides.